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Search and Replace using the vi Editor


 If you’re like me then you’re using the unix vi editor like an oxygen tank on mars. But seriously, I’ve always liked the search and replace feature from other graphical based text editors so it’s only fair that we learn how to use vi’s search and replace function. It’s extremely useful and easy once you get the hang of it.


Software Patterns: You’d Better Know Them


If you ever want to get a job as a software engineer, moving past that ho-hum data entry or scripting position at 40-50K/year, or if you at least want to impress the person interviewing you,then you’d better know what a software pattern is.

I’ve been asked this question in many job interviews since I graduated college

“do you know any software patterns?”

5 Useful Wordpress Plugins

 I’ve setup a number of wordpress web logs in the past and have found several plugins to be very useful:

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