Mac vs PC, OS X vs Windows and why OS X just Rocks


I grew up using wordstar on dos as a kid.  I moved into windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME (very short lived), XP (and not Vista) and finally dabbled in linux with really, truly reaching that developer Zen.  I always really liked how windows was focused on the user GUI and how linux was very developer friendly - but Apple was always that weird proprietary OS with kind of a nice GUI (like windows) but was not at all developer friendly like linux… so there was never a reason to use it.

that is until Apple switched to a UNIX core, which raised a few eyebrows:

A leap of faith (into OS X)

…so about 3 years ago I decided to take a leap of faith and try out the new macbook pro once I found out Apple was switching from their powerPC based architecture to the intel chips (a very smart move by Apple in my opinion) - besides, those powerPC chips just sucked anyway!

When I first started using my macbook pro I noticed how incredible intuitive, light weight and efficient the operating system was.  I was a bit frustrated though because many of the applications I’d used for almost a decade on my windows machine did not have a direct replacement on OS X (not at that time anyway).  So I had to stick with my windows and linux dabbled for a littl while.

What OS X did for me

Over time though I became a much better developer beacuse I started using the built in terminal app on OS X and found that editing files and code was just soooo much more efficient and easier than having to deal with the clunky and slow dreamweaver or other windows based editors.  For example

  • With the vi editor I could open up any file, no BS extra characters, and know exactly what I was going to get once I saved it (I could even rename a file without wondering if my right click->rename operation in windows really did make the change I wanted).
  • I could search through the file system with just a few keystrokes, for any given string, even leaving out certain files or parts of the file system when executed.
  • I could log into remote computers using similar operating system (linux, unix) and work without needing to learn a new OS interface
  • I can run windows XP, windows Vista, Linux, etc. all in virtual contains on my OS X machine which lets me view website’s in all the different browsers before sending to clients for approval
  • OS X is supper fast, compared to windows
  • No annoying “your hardware is installed”, “your computer may be unprotected”, or “”
  • No viruses like windows - sorry windows lovers, the UNIX core actually has a permissions architecture that prevents against those retarded trojans many consumers fall victim to on Mircosoft’s hunk of junk OS.
  • OS X has a built in search feature call “Spotlight” that is light years ahead of windows search (even on Vista)
  • OS X default browser doesn’t suck (yea safari is fast and doesn’t take up a heap of memory when you run it which means you can have more tabs and windows open without computer slow down)
  • OS X comes with almost no maintenance - no drivers and extra crap to intsall to get your devices and apps working.

If you’re a developer I highly recommend trying the Apple OS X over any other system.  They may seem a bit expensive but you really do get what you pay for in terms of quality (my macbook pro is still going strong after 3 years) - and if you are actually a developer then you will probably afford it just fine, else your employer is ripping you off and you’re just dumb working for peanuts.

In my opinion you get the best graphical GUI on the market for the least amount of maintenance which means you can make more money in less amout of time - damn I love being smart!

But wait, I’m sure there’s an ignorant, opinionated linux geek or windows liberal (I’ve worked with both) reading my post - so this is for you kids: you’re right, Apple’s OS X isn’t perfect.  Windows is better suited for some things, like uhh, micosoft programs such as word docs, spreadsheets and power point presentations (I still use these too!).   And linux is better suited for customizing your setup to the max, besides it’s free (OS X is not).  But come on get a grip and just admit that…

OS X rocks! You know you want to try it. 


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