The Semantic Web, Oh So Cool


I’ve recently taken an interest in the semantic web because I keep hearing about how it will revolutionize the word wide web.  After doing a bit of research I’m certain it will.

Right now the web is designed for humans to read web sites and understand the information contained therin.  But the web isn’t made for a computer to visit a web page and understand what the information is about, I’ve come to realize the semantic web is the concept where inteligent bots are able to roam around and understand the meaning of data, not just fetch and process data based on pre-programmed instructions.

So really this post is just a mind dump on the exiting possibilities of the semantic web and it’s making me want to start looking into ways to capitalize on this concept.  I really like how stuff work’s article on the semantic web… it explains how a subject is related to an object and how the connection is given meaning through something called a “namespace”.

Anyway, not enough time to spend hours on it right now but a very cool concept worth more posts in the future… 



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